Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pictures from Hurricon 2010

I have been rather slow with posting lately, but I will be doing some catch up this week.
For starters, last weekend was HMGS - South's Hurricon convention, and I was able to go for a couple of days, and it was a good convention.  There was a wide variety of games, and people had fun.  I took several pictures, but a lot of them were not too good because of the poor lighting.

Here are some of the better ones.
On Friday I played in an ACW game using Fire and Fury.  It was playing out the first battle of Bull Run (Manassas).  This was a two session game, and I joined in the second session.  I took over the confederate right flank.

 My starting positions.
 We had to hold this hill. 
 A better shot of my units.  We were getting pounded pretty badly!
 After a few turns I had some reinforcements arrive.  In this picture, they are marching in at the left.
 This is the left of our line.  There are already a lot of Yankees moving towards the hill, but we are holding.
 The far right of my line breaks and falls back persued by Union troops.  My new unit (in the center of the picture) quickly comes under assault.
On the hill, the unit that was holding the center broke and fell back.  They can be seen in the woods at the left of the picture.  With that the Union troops quickly rolled onto the hill, and we lost.

On Saturday morning I played in a large WWII battle using Rapid Fire.  I tried to take pics, but none came out.

On Sat Afternoon I played a Boxer Rebellion game using the Sword And Flame rules.  I controlled a unit of British infantry, and I had to defend some civilians as they loaded a train to get out of the area.  We succeeded!

This is the layout at the beginning of the battle.  The rail station is to the left.
My troops are the guys in tan.  At the top are the French, who refused to help my troops out.
After a couple of turns the train was loaded and moving, so we prepared to move out.
These were the guys who caused me problems.  The canon on the tower caused some casualties and damaged the train.  I was happy to be free of these guys!
This is why we had to run.  There was a horde of Boxers attacking the rail station.
This gunboat is our escape.
Some junks showed up to stop the gunship.
My troops were moving towards the river, but were pretty beat up.  Still we were able to smash a Boxer unit at the temple.  A few turns before, they had smashed the French unit (serves them right for not helping me!)
Two American units captured the dock and held it for the train to reach the boat.
The gunboat dropped off some sailors to lend a hand, then turned to face the junks.  A couple of turns later, the junks had earned their name.

I thought these guys looked cool.  They remind me of Tigger pajamas!

Here are some other pics that I took from around the area.

A chariot game.  Looks like it was a lot of fun!

This Hoth game was huge!  They had 3 eight foot long tables.
Pig Wars game.  There is nothing as fun as pillage and plunder!

American Revolution in the southern colonies.  Here you can see some Colonial cavalry being repulsed by the British.
A larger view of the battle.
A Sword and Flame battle in North Africa.

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