Thursday, March 28, 2019

Star Wars Infantry for Quadrant 13

Here are the first infantry units I have.

I kept weapons at TL2 to reduce the massive casualties.  In the old WEG Star Wars RPG it listed Rebels as having flack jackets, so I assigned them TL2 armor.  Stormtrooper armor is better TL3 armor.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Star Wars Project - Rules

It looks like for now I will be using Quadrant 13 rules from Too Fat Lardies.  The rules are based off of their "I Ain't Been Shot Mum" rules, and are pretty simple and quick playing.

The rules are available here.  Too Fat Lardies Link

Here are the first of the vehicles that I am working on.

Quadrant 13 allows special rules called Chrome, to customize the setting or units.

So far the first Chrome that I am working on is for Jedi.

Jedi Warriors - Jedi are Big Men and must be class 3 or 4 Big Men.
Jedi add +4 to close combat result when armed with lightsabers.
Jedi can "Reflect shots" at them - When attached to a squad or fired at individually, for each hit scored on the unit, roll a D6.  Class 3 Jedi reflect the shot on a 6, Class 4 Jedi redirect on a 5 or 6. 

Thursday, March 21, 2019

More 6mm Star Wars

Wow, two posts in one month!  Almost a new record for me!

I have a few more toys painted up.

Rebel tanks.

These are rebel T1-B tanks.  I bought them from Shapeways Link Here
These are good models well detailed.  I mounted them on small washers to make it look like they were "hovering" just off of the ground.  I like how they turned out.

Next up is an E-Web Heavy blaster.  I designed it and printed it on Shapeways.  I think that the barrel is too long, and you can't see the details at the end.  I may revise it and then put several on a sprue to print more.  The Stormtrooper firing the gun is a gunner from Darkest Star Miniatures Grav Raft.  He fits perfect, so that part I got right.

It is hard to get a good picture of something that small!

I have also included some more of my AT-PTs painted up.  I like these figs.  They have great detail and are the perfect scale!

Sunday, March 3, 2019

6mm Star Wars Update

Long time no post...  Sometimes life gets busy...

I have been quietly working on some of my Star Wars projects as well as ACW.  More on those later.

For now I wanted to do some updates on my 6mm Star wars project.

Rebel Fleet Troopers

My fleet troopers are from Darkest Star Miniatures.  They are the Federation Low Tech troopers
Darkest Star Federation

Rebel Ground Troops

My ground troops are from Ground Zero Games.  They are from their Dirtside Range, the FSE Legionnaires.  GZG FSE Legionnaires

Vehicles and weapons

My weapons and vehicles come from a variety of sources.  

AT-ST - I'm not satisfied with this one.  It is a Micro Machines toy.  It is too big, so I will probably look at one that is from Shapeways
The Golan DF9 and the Atgar FD gun and the AT-PT are all pretty good looking miniatures.  They are from Shapeways.  They are in a store from Hardware Studios Link.  I also have a few other items from him that haven't been painted up yet.
Golan Anti Personnel Turret

Atgar Anti Vehicle Gun


Monday, March 12, 2018

Battle Valor Helions Reviewed

I have recently purchased some of the Battle Valor Hellian miniatures.  When I first saw them they reminded me of some of the old "B" fantasy movies from the 70s and 80s.  Movies such as Beastmaster, The Sword and the Sorcerer, Red Sonja, and Conan. 

I have painted up the first four of these, and have a bunch on the workbench, but wanted to give my first impressions...

The miniatures are well sculpted with good details.  There are 5 or 6 variations in each pack.  The sculpts are clean.

One of the most important questions though is how do the fit with other ranges.  Well, they are a bit on the large size, though not too big.  They are even larger than some of their own ranges.  For instance in the picture below, on the far right is one of BV Frigian miniatures.  There is a slight difference in height and bulk.  In the middle I have an Old Glory 15mm Norman Archer, and on the left is a Barbarian from Copplestone Castings.  The Copplestone Casting is smaller, but the picture is a bit deceptive because the spearman has a pretty large helmet!

Overall I would say that these would be a good addition to your 15mm collection.  Battle Valor Games is constantly adding new figs, and is one of the better manufacturers of 15mm fantasy!

Here is the link to Heillians range at Battle Valor Games if you want to do some shopping!  Battle Valor Games

Monday, January 22, 2018

More 15mm Star Wars - Rebel Commandos/Pathfinders

My 15mm Star Wars collection is continuing to grow.  Here is a batch of Rebel Commandos.  I have tried to paint a scheme similar to Battle of Scarif.

These are from Ground Zero Games.  It is their Colonial Defense Force range.
Ground Zero Games - Colonial Defense Force

In Scarif there was a mix of some wearing helmets and some wearing caps.  All of these have caps on as opposed to helmets.  They do have some in helmets, and I may get them eventually.

Here is a couple of group shots showing the entire force that I have painted at this point.  I still have about 15 more to paint.

Below is a closeup of the figures.  My painting isn't great, but it is good enough for me.  This shows the details of the figures.  They are great looking figs!

Why the black bases?

You may wonder why I paint my bases black.  Normally I would flock them, but for Star Wars, I plan on doing battles on spaceships, in star ports, in desert planets as well as woodland settings.  The green base would look odd on a starship deck.  I decided that a black base will be ok, but not perfect for almost any environment.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

More 15mm Star Wars Project

I think that 15mm is the perfect scale for Star Wars battles.  With that in mind I have been picking up some proxies!


For Stormtroopers there are a couple of places that made them in 15mm.  They are knock offs and aren't quite perfect, but they look great for the role.

The best ones that I have seen were created by Highlander Studios as a charity sale.  I don't think that these are being made still.

Highlander Studios.
The detail on these is incredible.  I am still working on finishing painting them, but wanted to post up some pics.  Unfortunately, I only have 20 of them...

Another company is still making these.  (If you need the info, then let me know and I will send it to you).

They aren't as well detailed, but they are good with some nice variety.

Comparing them

Unfortunately they do not mix well at all.  The second company are quite small compared to the first.
Giants vs Dwarves!

Imperial Army Troopers

I have picked up these troops from Ground Zero Games.
Ground Zero makes outstanding figures.  These are from their Brethren of The New Light range.  I think they fit perfectly for the Imperial Army figures that I have seen.

The big question though is how do the compare...
The Highlander Studios are larger, but not by much.  (The Stormtrooper on the left has a base.  The Imperial army trooper does not)  The other one is a little closer in scale, but the GZG troop is much bulkier.  Not quite happy with the way any of them mix!

Rebel Fleet Troopers

For the Rebels I went back to Ground Zero Games and got their Islamic Federation Army with the helmets.  I thought that the helmets looked close enough to the Star Wars Rebels from the first movie.

Once more they are great looking figures.  GZG makes very nice figures.  They have a good deal of variety which makes me quite happy!
Here is a comparison of the stormtroopers with the rebels.

I have already ordered more from Ground Zero Games.  I am expanding my Imperial Army Troopers, and my Rebels.  I am trying some of the others for commando or army type troops.

Now for vehicles

The big reason for smaller scale Star Wars is to get vehicles in the game.  Here are a few things that I have on hand.

This is the Micro Machines Fleet Scale AT-AT

I think it is a little smaller than it should be.  However, for now it is close enough.  I think the best fit would be the old Ertl or AMT model, but they are hard to find, and a bit expensive.  If I find one cheap enough I may try it out.

Speeder Bike.

These are the Micro Machines Speeders.  They fit almost perfectly!
"You go that way to the old farmhouse and turn right.  You'll find the rebels there.  I promise."


For fighters the old Micro Machines Fleet scale work great.


A long time ago I found this toy that I wanted when I was a kid.  It has 2 Anti Infantry guns from Hoth.  They seem a little big, but for now they work...

There will be more to come!