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Warrior Heroes Armies and Adventures BATREP

Warrior Heroes Armies and Adventures BATREP

Haven't posted in a long while, because I have been way too busy.
I have gotten to paint a lot of figs and play a few games, but haven't posted anything lately.

Today I got to do a small fight for WHAA.

This was the situation.  A small dwarf patrol was in the woods near their mines when they heard some noise in the distance.  What they found was a small band of goblins who thought that they had found an easy target.

Each round the players roll a single die vs their Rep.  The highest die gets to go first, but they can only activate troops that have a rep lower than the die roll unless they are with a leader.  In this fight everyone will be with a leader, so the dwarves will always activate (the leader has a rep 6), and the goblins will only fail to activate on a 6 (leader has a rep 5)

 The Dwarves

Dwarf Patrol
1 Commander, Rep 6, AC 6, 2 hits
1 Hero, Rep 5, AC 5, 2 hits
4 Warriors, Rep 4, AC 4.  2 have crossbows as well as hand weapons.

The Goblins

Goblin Raiders
1 Leader, Rep 5, AC 5, 2 hits.  
2 Heavy warriors, Rep 4, AC4
8 Warriors, Rep 3, AC 2
NO Ranged weapons.

The Battle

Round 1

Gobs roll 5, Dwarves 2
Goblins advance, and dwarves advance

Round 2

Gobs roll 5, Dwarves 4
Gobs advance.  
Dwarves shoots.  1st dwarf hist with 2 successes vs 0 successes, so one goblin falls Obviously Dead (OD)
The second dwarf fires and hits with 2 successes, but the goblin also has 2 successes, so the dwarf misses.
Goblin first Casualty

Round 3

Goblins 1, Dwarves 3
Goblin second casualt
Dwarves fire again.  The first hits with 2 successes, against one, and a goblin goes down Out Of Fight (OOF).  The second dwarf hits with 2 successes vs 1 success, however the goblin had a shield and rolled a 6 negating one success, thus blocking the shot.
Goblins continue to advance.

Round 4

Gobs 2, Dwarves 4

Yet another goblin falls to crossbow fire
Dwarves fire again.  One more goblin goes down after the dwarf rolls 2 successes against none and NO blocks!  (The goblins have been rolling bad the whole game so far!)

Round 5

Gobs 1, Dwarves 6
Dwarves continue to shoot, but this time get no hits.
Goblins are close enough to charge, so they declare a charge.  They only get one success vs the dwarves 3, so they are too frightened to charge.
The two sides face off!

Round 6.

Gobs 4, Dwarves 1
Goblins again try to charge, and again fail.
The battle is joined!
Now the dwarves decide to get in close, and they declare a charge.  They get 3 successes to the goblins 3, it is enough to charge.
The dwarves move in and make contact with the goblins.
On the far left, one dwarf slowly beats back a goblin, and after 3 sets of rolls in which he beats the goblin by 1 success, he pushes the goblin back and kills it.
One other goblin is knocked OOF, but everyone else is locked in combat.

Another goblin falls, and unfortunately, so does one of the heroes!

Round 7

Goblins 6, dwarves 3 - The goblins can't activate 
since their leader is only REP 5!

The dwarves continue to attack.  The two leaders move in and engage each other, but surprisingly no one can get an upper hand and all combats are locked!

Round 8

Gobs 2, Dwarves 6
1st casualties of melee
Fighting continues.  The dwarf leader manages to get a single wound on the Goblin leader, but the goblins move 2 warriors against the dwarf hero, and in the fight that follows, the dwarf hero can't roll a single success, so the 2 goblins cut him down.  This causes the two nearest dwarves to roll a test to panic, and one freaks out and runs!
Another goblin falls OD, while one more is OOF.

Round 9

Goblins 5, Dwarves 4
Goblin leader runs, and so does one of the dwarves (to the right)
Goblin leader decides that it is time to run, but the other goblins can't get away from combat.  2 more fall OOF.  This fight is basically over for the goblins.  Now it is just about the goblin leader getting off the field to rally more goblins!
Three goblins left running!

Round 10

The goblin leader runs, but the two dwarf crossbowmen take aim.  One misses, but the other lands a crossbow bolt right in his back and he falls.

One goblin falls to the dwarf pursuers, and the goblin leader takes a crossbow bolt to the back!  Game over!

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