Thursday, January 23, 2014

Splintered Light adventurers - 15mm

For my Christmas present, my wife gave me a gift of letting me buy some new miniatures!  I logged onto Splintered Light's website on Christmas day, and amazingly, two days later, I had the miniatures! Incredible service from Splintered Light

I ordered some packs of their adventurers, and undead.

The review...

First off, the sheer number of variants is incredible!  There is no other manufacturer that offers that many figures in that scale.

The figures are well sculpted and detailed.  When you compare them to most of the more recent 15mm manufactured sculpts, they are probably in the middle of the pack.  The faces have good details, but are not as finely detailed as Demonworld or the few Khurasan that I have.  Still you can see all of the features, and there are one that don't look right, and at the scale, the level of detail is what you need.  As far as proportion and pose, the poses are good an I haven't seen any that seem unnatural.  The details on the armor and clothing are good, and I can't see any real problems there.

Even though these are not actually the best 15mm humans, they are above average, and the fact that there are so many of them available is something that no other manufacturers are doing.

Overall, if you buy these, I don't think that you will be disappointed!
This first picture is a comparison with some other manufacturers.  The Splintered Light figs are on both ends.  The other figures, from the left are - Black Raven Foundry, Splintered Light Robin Hood, Armies of Arcana(Lone Gunman), Demonworld, Ral Partha, Khurasan Zombie Hunters (I don't have any of their historicals.  The only other ones I have are their Orcs), Old Glory 15s

The Black Raven Foundry figs are huge, and don't match hardly anyone else, but the Splintered Light figures will work well alongside any other manufacturers.

Below are some of the figs I painted up.  I love the skeletons and zombies.  They have a great deal of character!


  1. Very nice review. I know I'm in the minority here, but I never noticed a big difference between BRF fantasy figures and other 15s, though most of the ones I have are their orcs.

  2. I have a lot of their regular orcs, and they work just fine. Their great orcs and humans are larger than most other manufacturers humans. Also, their dwarves are as big as most of my human figures. Splintered Light are by far my favorite dwarves.