Monday, November 17, 2014

Star Wars fleet WIP

I have been slowly building up my Star Wars fleet, so wanted to take a moment to give some comments on the ships that I am using in case someone else wanted to do the same.

Imperial Star Destroyer.

The Imperial Star Destroyer that I am using is the Hallmark ornament.  I have 3 of these guys.

This ship is huge when compared to the rest of my ships, which I think is perfect, because Star Destroyers are huge!  It measures 13cm long which would scale to 1300 meters, and the ship should be about 1600 meters.

Mon Calmari Cruisers.

I have 2 different cruisers.  Both are from the old WOTC Star Wars line.  Now oop, but readily available on Ebay and other location.

MC80a - Winged variant

This measures 11cm long and 5cm across at the widest point.  At 1:10,000 that scales to about 1100 meters, which is fairly close.  The details are ok and it looks good with the Star Destroyer.  It is smaller, which it should be.


This model is huge.  It measures 17cm, so about 1700 meters at scale.  Wookipedia says that the Viscount should be 17,000 meters.  About the same size as a super star destroyer.

Odyssey Slipways ships

Odyssey Slipways (link) ships are well detailed multipart kits.  They can be a bit challenging to assemble because they have some tiny parts.  Overall, though they are well detailed.

Interdictor Star Destroyer.

This ship measures 5.5cm so 550 meters

Rebel Assault Frigate.

My favorite ship of the star wars universe!

Measures 7cm or 700meters

Nebulon B Frigate

Measures just below 4cm or 400 meters

Nebulon B2

This ship looks like a shark flying through space!

I love the look of this ship!  Measures 4cm or 400 meters

Bulk Cruiser

This is a relatively new release, and a great looking ship.  It measures 6cm or 600 meters.

Lancer Frigate

The lancer measures 2.5cm or 250 meters

Halmark Blockade Runner

This ship comes with the Star Destroyer.  It is actually too big for the scale, but it looks better with the fighters than the ones that do scale.  It measures 2.5cm or 250 meters  I also have the Odyssey Slipways one, but it looks too small beside the fighters, so I am not sure I will use it.
This fighter has seen a few too many battles!

Very small!


These are all produced by Studio Bergstrom (link).  Obiously they don't scale to 1:10,000.  At that scale an a-wing would have to be 1mm, which would be a dot!

The whole group.

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