Monday, January 22, 2018

More 15mm Star Wars - Rebel Commandos/Pathfinders

My 15mm Star Wars collection is continuing to grow.  Here is a batch of Rebel Commandos.  I have tried to paint a scheme similar to Battle of Scarif.

These are from Ground Zero Games.  It is their Colonial Defense Force range.
Ground Zero Games - Colonial Defense Force

In Scarif there was a mix of some wearing helmets and some wearing caps.  All of these have caps on as opposed to helmets.  They do have some in helmets, and I may get them eventually.

Here is a couple of group shots showing the entire force that I have painted at this point.  I still have about 15 more to paint.

Below is a closeup of the figures.  My painting isn't great, but it is good enough for me.  This shows the details of the figures.  They are great looking figs!

Why the black bases?

You may wonder why I paint my bases black.  Normally I would flock them, but for Star Wars, I plan on doing battles on spaceships, in star ports, in desert planets as well as woodland settings.  The green base would look odd on a starship deck.  I decided that a black base will be ok, but not perfect for almost any environment.

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  1. Did you ever make much progress on your star wars campaign (flashpoint brek sector)? I only saw the one or two posts....