Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh no! Giant mutant dwarves!

There are a lot of 15mm manufacturers for dwarves, and they all vary a lot in size, and in my quest for the perfect dwarf figs, I have bought quite a few, so I wanted to share my experiences with the process. 

Reaper Shadow Corp (Blood Dawn)
I first fell in love with the Reaper Shadow Corp dwarves many years ago.  They were exactly what I was looking for.  (These are now Blood Dawn figs).  So I bought some, only to discover that they are way out of scale for dwarves.  I have two photos here.  The one on the left is with a 15mm elf from Demonworld.  The height is ok, but the bulk is pretty bad.  On the right is a 20mm fig, and they seem to match a little better.  I sold the lot of them, but somehow had this one around to take some pics of.

Black Raven Foundry
I next bought some BRF dwarves. They were also very tall.  Most came in at over 20mm tall, which was a little taller than most of my humans which are mostly Old Glory 15s.  Unfortunately I sold the lot of them, and don't have any for pictures.  Then for a while I gave up on 15mm fantasy, because I couldn't find what I wanted.

Peter Pig Miniatures

A couple of years ago I decided to try it again, and bought some Peter Pig miniatures.  I couldn't find very many pics of these so I only bought one pack.  I was pleasantly surprised by what I got.  The figs were fairly well detailed and the height was perfect.  Unfortunately the poses were pretty static.

The picture doesn't do them justice because my painting isn't that great.

Mighty Army Dwarves

Mighty Army is produced and sold by Rebel Miniatures http://www.rebelminis.com/mightyarmies.html.  I bought a single pack of these guys and found that they worked rather well.  The details were modest but not outstanding.  They are slightly taller and broader than my other dwarves, and they fit very well with the others.  I prefer chain armor for my dwarves, and these use plate armor, but not too bad of a problem.  There were only three poses, and they were all posed like they were in formation.

I messed up on this picture, but you can see the scale.

Tabletop Miniatures

Tabletop Miniatures are produced by 15mm.com http://www.15mm.co.uk/TTF_Dwarves.htm.  These figs are a bit of a mixed bag.  It appears that there may have been a couple of different sculpters involved, because a few are very large, but most fit pretty well in scale.  There is a lot of detail, but some of it is a little rough and hard to figure out.  There are a lot of variants.  They are not very uniformed and would make good PC type figs or a disorganized army.   The pic on the leff is one of the larger ones, and on the right is one of the smaller ones.

Essex Miniatures

Essex miniatures makes a decent range of dwarves.  The dwarves are very well detailed, but I don't particularly like the style.  They have some very unusual weapons and armor.  If you are looking for a little more "fanciful" fantasy, then these could be a good choice.

The picture to the right is a very poop shot of one, but you can see the size and the weird spear.

Splintered Light Miniatures

The final one in my collection is some of the Splintered Light Miniatures Splintered Lands dwarves.  I liked these dwarves a lot.  They have a lot of nice details and are well sculpted.  I like the character of them, but unfortunately they are out of scale for 15mm.  They would work very well for 20mm though. They might even work for 25mm if you want very "dwarfish" dwarves.  The picture to the right has the dwarf with a 20mm fig. 

Finally, I am including a picture with all of the dwarves together.  The smaller figs are to the left, and the larger guys are to the right.  Essex first, then Demonworld elf, Peter Pig, 3 Tabletop, 1 Reaper, 2 Splintered Light, and 1 20mm guy.

I am planning on buying some Chariot dwarves because I have heard that they fit well.  I would also like to pick up some of the Grenadier dwarves to see how they fit.  If I get some, I will add them to my post.  Hopefully by then I will get a better camera.


  1. The Ral Partha and Grenadier ones are the best. They are both in scale for 15mm and mix together well.

    Alternative Armies make dwarves too but they are on the taller end.

  2. These comparison posts you have done are extremely helpful. I've been toying around with building some 15mm fantasy armies, but have trouble finding information on the various manufacturers. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I had some Aternative Armies dwarves, but sold them before I started doing comparisons. I didn't feel like buying more just to show that they were a little too big.