Friday, March 11, 2011

Building 15mm houses

I have been working on some more houses.  I built these houses with balsa wood, and then coated with spackle to represent the plaster.

This first building is a small wooden shed.  The thatch is spackle shaped with an old paint brush.

This one is still under construction.

This is my town Inn.  For this I have used some plastic sheets shaped like wood tiles for the roof.

Backside of the Inn.

This one is still under construction.  In fact, it is still wet.

The same building from the side.

This one I have used a piece of cork board to represent plaster covered stone.

Here is a group shot with some 15mm figs to show the size.  The building int the front is a open air forge.

Another shot.

All of the ones that I have built so far.


  1. Those buildings look great. I really like the Inn a lot. Very cool.

  2. Very nice! The I will have to try out your method for thatched roofs.