Friday, June 10, 2011

Troop Weapons & Tactics test game

I've had the game Troop Weapons & Tactics for a while, but have yet to use it, so I set up a basic game for my daughter and I to play to test out the system.

This is an American platoon advancing to capture a crossroad. 

The Americans had the following.
1 Platoon leader Class 2-1D6, with the special ability Dead Eye (He can act as  a sniper)
2IC, Class 2-1D4+1

Command Unit, 1 4 Man BAR team, 3 riflemen used as scouts, 1 .30 cal team, 1 60mm Mortar team

1st squad - 9 men lead by class 3 -D6+1
2nd squad - 9 men lead by class 2- 1D6
3rd squad - 10 men lead by class 1 - 1D4

There was an extra squad attached to assist with the operation - 10 Men lead by a class 2-D4+1

The Germans had
1 Platoon commander, Class 2, D6
Command group had 1 sniper, and 1 MMG team

1 squad 8 men lead by Class 3 - D6
2 squad 10 men lead by Class 2 - D4+1

2 MMG support teams
 (All of the miniatures are 10mm by Wargames South and Pithead Miniatures)

The Setup
The picture below shows the initial setup.  The Americans were advancing from the right, and the flags mark suspected German positions.
Two American squads advanced up the road.  Another squad advanced through the fields to the right of the road.  The command team under the leadership of the 2IC set up behind the hedges to the left of the road.  The attached squad advanced on the far left.
Almost immediately the Americans ran into trouble.  The command team sent the scouts to check out the first line of hedges to the left of the road.  The marker there ended up being a German squad, and the squad LMG opened up, and the scouts were all killed instantly.  The attached squad moved to the hedge in front of them and started firing on the German positions in front of them.  The command unit set up along the hedge in front of them, and the .30 cal and BAR team started firing on the German positions.  The mortar team tried to fire on them but couldn't get the range right. 

The units on the road advanced as far as they could.  They reached the area immediately on the left flank of the Germans.  The American right squad advanced through the first field without any problems.  The flag to the right of the road was a bluff.

For several turns the Germans and Americans exchanged fire across the hedges, but it was largely ineffective.  The German sniper in one of the buildings at the farms opened up on the infantry on the road.  There were no casualties, but the Americans were pinned down and were afraid to move.  The American right squad spotted movement in the hedge across them (The marker to the right of the main advance and almost all the way to the village).  They opened fire and managed to get a luck shot, killing one member of the German squad's LMG team.

The American platoon commander moved forward to get the men on the road moving.  They managed to get a crossfire on the German squad that had stopped the advance.  They inflicted several casualties, and when half of the squad fell back, they fired on them in the open wiping them out.  The attached squad then rushed the remaining squad firing as they ran.  The remaining Germans instantly surrendered crying out for mercy!

This Picture shows the Germans who had broke cut down in the middle of the field. 
The Americans continued to rush up the road while  one squad crossed the last field to the left of the road.  The German squad and the American squad (Who is just out of the picture at the bottom) continued to exchange fire.  It caused both squads to keep their head down, but no casualties.  The American mortars finally start to make a difference.  The mortar start hitting around this squad, finally suppressing the German's squad LMG.
That's when things went really bad for the Germans.  One of the American squads flanked the last German squad along the road.  One of the German MMGs was deployed behind the German Squad and opened up on the Americans - Only to have their gun jam!  The next turn the Americans opened fire on the German squad and caused several casualties.  At the same time, the American squad on the right flank charged the Germans.
This next picture shows the melee that began.  At the time there were 3 Germans left, and they were pinned.  The Americans rushed at them.  2 were wounded by incoming fire, but they killed two of the Germans, and the last man (who happened to be the squad leader) surrendered.  (This picture shows the aftermath of that fight)
 These last two pictures show the end of the fight.  The German MG was jammed, and there was an American squad in front of them and one on their right flank.  They decided it was time to bug out

This picture shows the German commander directing a MG at the stone house.  They had tried to fire at a target down the road off of the left of this picture.  They caused the squad to have to change their underwear, but there was no permanent casualties.  While they were firing there, the American squad in this picture arrived at the hedge row.  They opened fire and at that short range they killed two of the MG team, and left the commander and the last gunner wounded.  They decided an American POW camp was sounding pretty good.

That was pretty much the battle.  There were four largely undamaged American squads closing on the village, and all that was left was one MG and the sniper.  They decided to go back home at that point.

Observations from the game
Early on I was hitting a lot of "Tea Breaks" after only a couple of cards, so things were moving slowly.  The Germans were doing a lot of suppressions, but not giving very many casualties.  The Americans were pinned down for a long time, until the units on the road could finally flank the German's in the fields.  At that point they quickly KOd the Germans in the field, and things fell apart rapidly for the Germans.  Their MMGs didn't prove to be very effective, but it was mostly because of the American tactics.  The one place where it should have made an impact, the MMG jammed.

I played this same scenario before with Arc of Fire, and the Americans got chewed up pretty bad, and weren't able to take the objective.  It was frustrating that the Germans could barely hurt the Americans!  I love I Ain't Been Shot Mum, but I still have to figure this game out!

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