Monday, August 1, 2011

New 15mm Dwarves Comparison

It has been a while since I have posted.  I was away for most of July, but I am anxious to get back to gaming!

I just recently picked up some of the new Splintered Light dwarves, and have to say that I absolutely love these guys!  Splintered Light Dwarves

The dwarves have great detail and a lot of character.  They fit very well with most of my other 15mm figs.

Here are a couple of pics.  The first has a Demonworld elf and a Chariot Miniatures halfling.

The next is a closer pic with just the elf.

Here is a group shot with a DW giant.

This final shot compares other manufacturers. 
The first mini is the old Reaper Shadow Corp fig (Now Blood Dawn).  The next is a Splintered Light dwarf from the Splintered Lands line.  The next is Black Raven Foundry.  I think that the next is Irregular, but can't remember for sure.  Then the SLM Dwarf.  to the right of that dwarf is a Mighty Army (from Rebel Miniatures), then Tabletop fantasy (from, Peter Pig, and finally Chariot Miniatures.

The dwarves are probably a little too large for most 15mm, because they are almost as tall as my humans, but it is so close that it won't be noticed.  I would gladly use the Mighty Armies, Splintered Light and Tabletop Fantasy in the same army.  I think that SLM is the best detailed of the three, but it is barely noticeable.


  1. Thanks for the size comparison! The SL minis look like they would fit in with Old Glory historicals.

  2. Yes, the Demonworld elf is almost an exact match in size with the Old Glory Historicals, sot that will give you a good comparison.

  3. Thanx again for comparison of dwarves. Previous comparison was very useful to! Now I know what manufacturers to use for my upcomming dwarf army!