Saturday, August 20, 2011

Short Batrep - Raid on Village - WHAA

Here is a brief battle report for a small skirmish using Warrior Heroes Armies and Adventures...

The situation is this.  A band of raiders have moved in from Grierland to raid a small village in Mirilandi (My own game world).  Mirilandi has a small garrison at the town, and has gotten word that the raid is coming, so they are quickly trying to deploy their people.

The raiders are emerging from the woods to the west of town, and moving in.
This picture shows some of the attackers moving out of the forest.  Some of the riders had already moved off to the south.

Here you can see the defenders lining up on the west side of the town.

As the riders moved around, some of the defenders moved to the south to meet them.

 The attacking infantry quickly swarmed the defending infantry.  The defenders had 4 archers, but they proved highly ineffective.  They killed one attacker at the outset, then didn't help for the rest of the battle.

The attackers realized that they could not bring all of their forces to bear on the west, so they sent all of their cavalry to break through in the south.

Fighting on the west turned bloody fast, but the defenders held strong and quickly killed four attackers without any losses.

On the south side, the raiders cavalry charged, but the defending infantry held better than expected.  One defender went down, and one rider.

To the west, things went bad for the attackers real fast.  A couple of defenders went down, but the attackers were falling left and right, and soon broke and ran.

To the south, things were touch and go.  The initial cavalry charge was held against, but they kept coming, and two more defenders were soon down.  Then, the village commander and his aid attacked, and they were able to hold, killing a couple more cavalry, and soon the rest were fleeing.
Infantry gone, and leaders are now engaged.
Two dead, and the rest second guessing as they see that almost all of their friends are gone!

Bye bye.... Loosers!

The battle was a lot of fun to play out.  The attackers were all Rep 2 or 3, while the defenders were all rep 3 and 4.  It played out pretty well, but the attackers kind of messed up on their initial deployment.  I don't know if it would have made any difference, but they tried to send the bulk of their forces to the west, but realized that they streets were too narrow to bring any significant numbers to bear.  So they redeployed the rest of their cavalry.

The defenders also had incredible dice rolls which kept them from suffering very many casualties.  Still, things could have changed at almost any time.

I did make one modification to the rules for this game.  I let the defenders form a shield wall which gave them a +1d6 until the wall was broken.  I think that it worked out ok.


  1. Love the report!!!!!!!!! Have you played solo or with friends?

  2. This one was with my kid, but I have played a lot of solo with this game. The rules work great for that.

  3. Just found your blog, great report. I really like your figures and terrain!

  4. Great report! I love the building with the nice mixture of roofing. Makes it look more realistic.