Sunday, December 7, 2014

More Star Wars ships from Utar's Ships

I have recently acquired a few more ships for my Star Wars line.  I had the good fortune of finding Utar Ships and buying a few from him.  He is a hobbyist and made some ships for his games and he has made them available to others to buy.  He was pleasant and easy to deal with, and I would recommend buying from him!

On to the ships...

He has originally created ships for the WOTC game, and so many of his ships vary in scale as do the
WOTC ships.  Recently though, he has started doing a line of 1:4222 ships, which I thought might work with my fighters.  I wanted some shuttles and small freighters so I thought I would give it a shot.

I ordered a small group of ships.  I ordered the bulk freighter, which if you ever played X-Wing video games, you will be familiar with, GR-75 Medium Transport, Gama Class Assault Transport, and Shuttle, Lamda Class Shuttle, and I meant to order the Delta Class DX-9 Stormtrooper Transport, but I got something that I am not quite sure what it is.  I'll have to find out because I like it.

General Impression.

The sculpting quality is very good.  I am not sure if they were 3D print models or hand made, but either way, I found them very well done.  The level of detail isn't quite as high as Odyssey Slipways, but it is as good or better than most other manufacturers that I have seen.  I am very pleased with the quality of the designs.  Utar offers ships that are cleaned of release agents and have flash removed.  I ordered the ones that didn't have this done in order to save a few dollars.  I fond them to be very clean overall.  They had only a minor amount of flash and each one had the casing sprue.  The plastic is relatively soft and easy to clean.  Most ships had the sprue on the bottom, so that it wasn't an issue anyway.  The only ship I had any problem with was the Lamda Shuttle.
This is after cleaning the flash.  If you look closely, you can see the line near the back of the wing.  I don't think you will notice once it's painted.

You can see the flash at the bottom.
This is the bottom.  Sprues can be seen on the end at the right, and the top left corner.

Sprues on the bottom of the wings

Sprue on the nose

The big question though is do they fit with my fleet?

Here are some comparison pictures.  The ships that they are pictured with are my Odyssey Slipways Nebulon B Frigate, and my Hallmark Star Destroyer, and then finally X-Wings from Studio Bergstrom.  
The Rebel Transport made famous in Empire Strikes Back

I will use these for my Rebel Assault Shuttles

These Assault Shuttles were from the WEG Star Wars RPG

I blew up many of these in X-Wing video game!

Now, for the actual sizes of the ships.

This guy was hard to stand up for a picture!

In Conclusion

I will be ordering more ships from Utar, and I hope that he continues to increase his production!  With the soon to be released Star Wars Armada from Fantasy Flight Games, I can see a big future for ships from the Extended Universe being used.

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