Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Star Wars Campaign

I am going to start a small Star Wars Campaign!

I am basing it loosely on the old WEG Games Brak Sector book.

Initially, the rebels will have a small fleet to attack disrupt the Imperials with.

Rebel Forces

Assault Frigate - Orion                                          X-Wing Squadrons - 3                                           
Nebulon B Frigate - Lost Horizon                        Y-Wing Squadrons - 6
Nebulon B Frigate - Deep Impact                         Z95 Squadrons - 4
3 Corellian Corvettes                                            Assault Shuttles - 6
8 Tramp Freighters                                               Rebel Transports - 3                                                                    

Imperial Forces

The Imperial Forces are quite large, and are impossible to take on head-to-head.  The core of their fleet are 10 Imperial I&II Star Destroyers.  They have 6 Victory Star Destroyers, and 3 Interdictor Star Destroyers.  They have a large number of other ships to attack.


The Rebel mission is to disrupt the Imperial presence here.  Initially, the rebels will have to attack convoys and transports.  If they have some successes then more forces may come from the rebel command.


The rebels have 4 bases to start with.  De'nel, Intran, Jinet, and Tel
The main Imperial bases are at Bacrana, Rehn, Skone, and Garia.  


I'm doing this as a solo game.  I am using Victory By Any Means to determine some of the items.  Intel is the most important thing.  The rebels have a decent inetl network to start with.  They have 12 points per turn to spend.  The Imperials aren't doing quite so well themselves, and they only have 10, however, there will always be 2 points spent on each of their home bases to defend against enemy intel, so they only have 2 points to try and ferret out the location of the rebel forces.

Also, each system has a loyalty number to the Empire.  The events that happen each turn can have an impact on that, which in turn can increase or decrease the intel available to each side.

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