Friday, January 2, 2015

Star Wars Campaign - Part 1

Campaign, Game 1

To start with, I decided that the Imperials had an intelligence of 10.  They used 2 at each of their 4 main star systems to defend against any intelligence attacks there.  They then used 2 to try to influence the Enet star system which is having major problems with the Imperial presence and is on the verge of rioting.

The Rebels have 12 intel +1 because of the disgruntled people on Enet being very sympathetic to the Rebellion.  They use 2 on each of the 3 minor bases and 4 on the main base to defend against Imperial spys trying to find them.  They then use 3 on the Imperials to find out any trade convoys that might be ripe for striking.

The base roll is 40% and under, plus 5% for each point of intel -5% for each point of enemy intel used against them.

For the influence roll for the Empire there is no opposing intel, so they need a 50% to improve relations.  They roll 41 and the relations improve by one, but is still low.
The Rebels try to make an Intel test for enemy convoys and need a 40.  They roll 60 so fail.  They will sit quietly this turn.

Campaign Round 2.

Imperials continue to influence Enet, but this time roll a 83 and fail, so the relations drop by 1.  The Empire puts more stormtroopers on the ground to keep order.

Rebels try once more to find a convoy.  They roll a 01, what I consider a critical result.  They find out about a convoy carrying weapons and new officers to Enet.  They also find that there are 2 Corvettes escorting the convoy, and one of them has a crew that is very discontent with the cruel leader of the ship.  They may be keen to turn to the Rebellion if the ship can be captured.  The Rebel leaders decide to launch an attack on the convoy.  They want to capture the Corvette if they can, and capture the Freighters if possible.  If not destroy them.  They also want to destroy the shuttle carrying the officers, because that will improve relationships with the people of Enet.

Campaign Round 3 – Battle.

The Rebels find where the convoy will warp in, and they have enough time to attack before any reinforcements can arrive from the planet.  

Sorry that some of these pictures are badly out of focus

Turn 1.

Imperial Convoy
Rebels warp in and are moving at a speed of 4.  Convoy moves with a speed of 3.
When the convoy detects the rebels they begin to accelerate, but can only increase their speed by 1.  One of the corvettes break formation to intercept the fighters.  Both fire on the rebel ships, but the range is long enough that no shots hit. 
The rebels are out of range to fire back.

Rebel Attackers

Turn 2

Rebel fighters scramble towards the first corvette who is moving towards them.  (this is the one with the sympathetic crew).  The corvette with the convoy fires at the approaching Y-Wings, but rolls badly.  1 shot hits but only does minor damage.  The Y-Wing’s shields are pretty strong!  The other corvette opens fire and manages to get a solid shot on one x-wing, and it is blown away!  The fighters fire back, but the range is long, and only 1 fighter hits.  The shields are weakened, but are restored later.

Turn 3

Bye-bye Imperials!
The shuttle breaks formation and accelerates to try and get away.  The faster x-wings move in chase.  The 4 x-wings fire on the shuttle at long range.  2 get a solid hit, and the shuttle is blown away!  2 Y-wings move after the freighters and fire on them with their Ion guns.  They force the power out on the rear thruster for 4 turns.

The first corvette fires on nearby Y-Wings and hit one, but does little damage.  

The other one sees the approaching assault shuttles and targets one of them and hits.  It takes heavy damage but holds up.

The remaining ships fire on the corvettes and do only minor damage, but the shields are heavily weakened on both corvettes.

Turn 4

The corvettes both regenerate shields.  The second corvette is still weak, but the first is back to full strength.

The Y-Wings following the freighter once more opens up with their Ion guns and managed to knock out the main engine for 4 turns.  It can’t accelerate now!

The ships following the first Corvette fire at it.  They weaken the shields, and then the 2 y-wings open up with their ion guns and get a lucky blow in and hit the shield generator shutting it down for 4 rounds!  The corvette returns fire, but in a series of colossally bad rolls get no hits!  (rolled 17, 19, and 20!  Needed 14 or less!)

The other fighters targeted the other corvette and blasted through it’s shields doing some damage to the rear thrusters.  It returns fire hitting a y-wing but only doing minor damage.

Turn 5

The second corvette regenerates 12 shields and give 6 to the side and to the rear.  It doesn’t help much.  The x-wing hits the corvette and takes out its rear shield and hitting the hyperdrive damaging it.  The Y-wings do some structural damage.  Their ion guns miss, so no systems go offline.  The corvette fires at the y-wings,  and hits one, but still is rolling badly and doesn’t even penetrate the shields. 

Boarding the corvette
One assault shuttle boards the damaged freighter and instantly takes over because there are no defending marines.  Two shuttles board the first corvette.  The defenders make a half hearted attempt to fight back, but are quickly overwhelmed.  (boarders roll 1d10 and on a roll of 5 or less take out the defenders.  I gave a bonus of 1 because of the low morale, so they needed a 6.  They rolled a 4.  The defenders then got to fight back, but rolled a 7, so no losses to the attackers)  The corvette surrendered to the Rebels.

Assault shuttle takes freighter

The Fighters that had attacked the shuttle speeded after the other freighter.  They decided it was too close to getting away for them to capture it and wanted to destroy it.

Turn 6

 Corvette 2 powers the rear shields back to 12.  It doesn’t help much though because the attacking fighters move in and blow through the shields and do some more structural damage.  The corvette fires back at the Y-Wings managing to land two solid blows on the same ship, and the fighter disappeared in a ball of fire!

The fighters close in on the last freighter firing and doing some heavy damage, but not slowing it. 

Turn 7

The corvette once more repowers the shields and begins to accelerate away knowing that this fight is lost!  The Y-wings and x-wings pursue and continue to pound it.  One of the Y-Wings lands a proton torpedo on the shield generator and destroy it!  More fires explode as it continues to take a pounding.  It fires back, this time doing much better.  2 hits on 2 y-wings.  One takes moderate damage, while another is destroyed!  They also hit the other x-wing doing some damage.

The Freighter races to the very edge of the board and safety, but the x-wings and y-wings are too close.  They let loose with everything, and between a bund of laser hits and torpedo hits the structure is breached and explosions rock the ship, finally causing a massive explosion that destroys the whole thing!

Turn 8

The corvette is limping and on fire, but still accelerates.  It is too late though.  With no shields, the remaining Y-wings and X-wing fire their guns and torpedoes.  They finish wiping out the body of the ship and it breaks apart exploding as it does.


This fight never could have been won by the Imperials because it was meant to be unbalanced.  Their only victory could have been to cause heavy casualties.  If they could have taken out half of the fighters or shuttles, the rebels would have withdrawn and they would have a major victory.  If they could have gotten half of the ships off of the table it would have been a minor victory.  As it was, the rebels made a major victory.  They captured a new corvette with some crew members willing to defect, and a freighter filled with military weapons, and they destroyed all of the other vessels.  The thing that decided this fight was the horrible dice rolling by the Imperials!


  1. What rules are you using for playing out the battles? I'm not sure if you mentioned it in an earlier post....

  2. I am using both Babylon 5 Wars and Full Thrust. This one was done with B5Wars, but the larger fights will be done with Full Thrust.