Thursday, January 28, 2016

Weird War II for Battleground WWII

I am still a big fan of Battleground WWII.  I think that it is a game that will work well for Weird War II.  I just have to work on creating the vehicles and equipment that I need.

Fortunately, I am not alone in doing this.  I have found a great website that has a lot of rules already created for Weird War II.  One brief warning about the site.  There is some adult content on there because he reviews just about every war movie made, and many have gratuitous sex scenes.

With that said here are the first of the items that I have created for the game.

These are both works in progress, but I wanted to give a preview of what I was doing.


  1. Great stuff! Glad to see another Battleground Weird WWII gamer! If you don't mind, I'll showcase it over at my site for ya so others can get a chance to check out your handy work.

    Look forward to seeing what else you might create!

    My site can be a bit dirty so beware!! ;)