Thursday, February 18, 2016

New 15mm Fantasy Range

There is a new range of 15mm fantasy figs that are being released. From what I can tell, it looks like it will be a very extensive range. I have recently ordered one pack of their Orcian (orcs) range. The swordsmen. I have some pics of these and wanted to do some comparison shots.

I like what I see so far.  The orcs are very detailed and there are many variants in the pack.  Some of the variations are very subtle - Just a head swap or something similar, but still an incredible amount of variants!

The figs are fairly large and bulky.  I would say that they are 1-2mm taller than most other orcs I have, and are slightly broader, but the quality of the sculpts are amazingly good.  I believe that the large size is intentional. They are meant to be the large burly orcs that are common in games now.  I like the fact that the faces aren't that cartoony GW look.

Anyway, you can look at the shots below to make some of your own conclusions.  I don't think that the size difference stands out that much.

Sorry for the poor picture quality.  I couldn't get the lighting quite right for these

Here are the first 4 I have painted
Grenadier, Demonworld, Khurasan, BVG, Eureka Man Orc, BVG, Black Raven Foundry
Same pic
Now for humans.  Splintered Light, Black Raven Foundry Ranger, FVG, Old Glory, BVG, Armies of Arcana(Now Lone Gunman)
More figs.  Copplestone Barbarian, BVG, Old Glory, BVG, Eureka Orc
Now for some big guys!  Demonworld Ogre, BVG, Splintered Light Ogre, BVG, Demonworld Troll


  1. My BVG Orcs arrived today, yay! Haven't done a size comparison test yet so thanks for posting yours.

  2. Nice to see how well these paint up. Thanks for the illustration.

  3. Very useful. Many thanks for the effort. Reminds me to re-look at Eureka too!