Monday, August 22, 2016

Battle Valor Games - 15mm Goblins

Battle Valor Games is a relatively new company, but they are rolling out a lot of figures.  I have already compared the Orcians, Dwarians, and Legian Rangers.  Now I have some goblins from them.

Basic review.

I love the quality of these guys.  My pictures (and painting) doesn't do them justice.  The sculpting detail is very good.  The faces have a lot of character for 15mm.  That is pretty rare.

The only thing I'm not excited about is the number of variants.  The ones that I have are from the swordsmen pack and there are 6 variants in that pack.  That is quite good, but all of the other ones have 3 or 4 variants.  If you order the 35 pack you will end up with about 10 of each pose.  The only reason that I complain is that many of the other packs have as many as 10 variants.

Still, they are great figures, and I will get more.

With an orc from Khurasan Miniatures.  These are some great figures also!

One of the Orcians from BVG

One of the Legian Rangers - My favorite figs to date from them!

This is with a Splintered Light Miniatures - Splintered Land Goblin

This is one of the Dwarians from BVG.
Well, I hope that helps!  I am hoping to get a little better camera to get some better looking pictures.

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