Friday, August 5, 2016

Battle Valor Games - Rangers reviewed

I just got my last batch of Battle Valor Games miniatures.

These are from their Legian range of figures.  They make some great looking rangers.  They will be perfect for Faramir and his rangers.

I have ben very impressed with the BVR range so far, and I have fallen in love with these guys.  The details are very good (which you can't tell from my painting or my pics).  There is a large variety of poses which I very much am happy for!  Most of their ranges have several poses, though there are some that only have 3 or 4 different variants.  Their website has good pictures of the figures available in the packs, so you can see which ones have only limited poses.

The faces are clearly detailed with hair and beards on some.  There are even a couple of bald guys.  I had very little casting problems.  There was a little stub on the bottom of most bases, and most of the guys had the little stubs from the air holes in a few places.  A quick scrape with an Exacto Knife took care of those.

Here is a link to the range

The big question though is how do they mix with other figures.  Here are some comparison shots.
Left - Copplestone, center Splintered Light, right - Old Glory and Black Raven Foundry

Black Raven Foundry looks like they mix well, but I don't think they look quite as good together on the battlefield.

Copplestone Castings.  Some of the best detailed 15mm figs I have ever seen!  The BVG figs are slightly larger, but not bad.

 Old Glory 15s.  Old Glory has a great range of 15mm medieval and dark age figures.  They mix well.  Old Glory isn't quite as detailed though.

Splintered Light has a great range of adventurers.  Possibly one of the largest in 15mm.  They are constantly growing.  The BVG figs are a bit larger, and have a little better detail, but they still work well together.

 Demonworld has a great range of figures (Now produced by Ral Partha Europe)  This is a witch from one of their ranges.  They mix very well together in style and size. 
 This is another historical range.  It is Legio Heroica range.  They make good figs.  I didn't pose this well because his spear is blocking his face.  However you can still see that they mix pretty well.
 Another Copplestone fig.  Still smaller...
This is a figure from the old TSR Battlesystem range.  Unfortunately OOP and almost impossible to get hold of.  Still, if you do, it is a good fit!