Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Tale of 3 (or more) Scales!

I have been expanding my Star Wars capital ships, and have looked at some different scales.  I have several FFG Star Wars Armada ships, but the scale on some of them is horrible, the worst offender being the Corellian Corvette.

So, I have picked up some ships in some different scales.  I already have a lot of the Odyssey Slipways 1/10,000 range which is good for the larger ships, but the smaller ones are tiny, so I have looked at some different options.

Here are two different Lancer Class Frigates.  The top one is a Shapeways creation at 1/7,000.  The bottom is an Odyssey Slipways at 1/10,000 scale.  There is very little difference between them.  The shapeways one is very detailed, but somewhat costly

Here is the aforementioned Corellian Corvettes.  The top is the FFG Armada ship, and it is huge!

Next is a ship from a Halmark Star Destroyer ornament.  The Halmark SD is what I am using for my Star Destroyers.  They fit pretty well at 1/10,000 scale.

Next is a 1/7,000 from Shapeways.  The details are great and the quality is quite good.  This may end up being my ship of choice!

The bottom is an Odyssey Slipways 1/10,000 ship, and it is positively tiny!  The engine comes in 2 parts and is a little tricky to assemble because it is so small.

One last picture here...

This shows the vehicles along with two different X-Wings.  The top one is from FFG Armada, and the bottom is from Studio Bergstrom.

To do fighters at 1/10,000 or  1/7,000 they would be little more than dots, so the Bergstrom is the closest.

Roughly the scale for the FFG is 1/2400.

Scale for the Hallmark is 1/5000ish.  Utar ships makes one at 1/4222, so I think that I might order one of his to see how it works.  However, I am fairly happy with the one from Shapeways.  I think it is actually made by Utar on his Shapeways account.

Anyway, here are links to the various suppliers...

Mel's Miniatures Shapeways
Utar's Shapways
Utar's Ships
Oddyssey Slipways

Hope some of this helps!

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