Monday, August 28, 2017

Smaller Scales for Star Wars

First I want to point out that my camera died, so I am stuck taking pictures with my phone till I get a new one!

Current Offerings

I like doing battles in Star Wars, but currently the options are small.

There are the old West End Game Miniatures in 25mm (true 25mm).  Good miniatures!
Link to some pictures of them

There are the old Wizards of The Coast Star Wars Miniatures coming in at 28mm.  OK miniatures, but a lot of choice, though not a lot of variations for each type.

There are the Fantasy Flight Star Wars Imperial Assault ones which hit about 30mm. They are good, but expensive to get in any numbers, and there is only one pose of the regular troops.
Link to Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Now there is a new game coming from Fantasy Flight called Legion, and the figures look great.  From what I can tell though, they are even a bit bigger.  Some people say they come in at 32mm.
Link to Star Wars: Legion

Those are all good options, but they work best when used at a skirmish scale, or even large skirmish.  It isn't very conducive to having large vehicles on the table (unless you have a very large table!)  I will stick with them for skirmish, but I'm looking for something different for larger battles.

There are also the Micro Machines figures.  They run about 20mm, and are a good option.  I just don't think they look all that great.

15mm Offerings.

First off, no one officially makes Star Wars in 15mm.  However, you can get some proxies, and some of the models work pretty well.  There are also 3D models you can have done from Shapeways or other locations.


The troops that I am looking at using are from Ground Zero Games.  Their figures look awesome!
I'm using the Islamic Federation for the Rebels.  The helmet is close to the movies.

Here are the first ones that I have painted up.  (Again, please excuse the poor quality pictures!)

Now for Stormtroopers.  There are two different places that have made 15mm Stormtroopers.  I have some from both of them.  If you want to know who makes them, let me know and I will send the lings.

This first group are the ones still in production.  They are good miniatures.  My painting skills don't do them justice.  They are the same height as the GZG figures, but the GZG figures are bulkier.  However, I'm not sure that it is very noticeable.  

This next guy is even better.  Originally produced by Highlander Studios as a charity fund raiser.  I don't think they are in production any longer.  They fit even better with the GZG figures!

For vehicles.  The old Micro Machines Action Fleet items work pretty well.  The AT-AT is a bit small, but looks good beside the figures.

6mm Offerings

For 6mm things change a bit.  6mm is a great scale for large scale battles like Hoth.  The Fantasy Flight X-Wing ships come in at 1/220 or so in scale, so they are only a bit larger (6mm is 1/285 or 1/300).  There are a lot of places that make some good vehicles on Shapeways.  Also, there are a lot of 3D vehicles that you can download and convert to Shapeways, or print yourself.

There are a few things already available though.

The Titanium AT-AT by Hasboro is pretty close to 6mm.  Next to it is a Micro Machines AT-ST.  It looks like it is just a little on the large size, but works pretty well.  For comparison, I have some 6mm WWII figs that are there.  I think they look pretty good.  I might keep looking for a new AT-ST though.

I have ordered some minis from Darkest Star Games, and will post them up when I get a chance.  I think there are some ones that will be good proxies for Rebel troops and even Stormtroopers.

The Federation Marines look good for Stormtroopers, though you will have to do a little painting magic to make them look right.

The Federation Mid Tech look perfect for Rebel Troopers!

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