Monday, August 24, 2009

15mm Wargame with Warrior Heroes Armies and Adventure

I have done a couple of test games with WHAA, and this will be my first serious game.

This is a pretty basic scenario. The "good" guys are Lord Borom, and his forces which are defending a small village against an orc raiding forces lead by Gorg, and Morg.

The Good Guys
Lord Borom Quality 6, AC 5, 2 hand sword
2 Men at Arms Quality 5, AC4, Spears
3 Warriors Quality 4, AC 3, 2 Hand Axes
5 Warriors Quality 4, AC3, Hand Weapons
2 Archers Quality 4, AC2, Bows & Hand Weapons

The Bad Guys
Gorg & Morg Quality 5, AC 5 & 4, Hand Weapons
15 Warriors Quality 4, AC 3, Hand Weapons
3 Archers Quality 4, AC2, Bows and Hand Weapons

The battle began with Lord Borom and his forces just entering the village to defend it. Across the river, the orc forces were emerging from the forest.

Turn 1:
Both sides rolled and were able to activate. The humans moved towards the hedge row. The orcs moved towards the river. The orcs were breaking into two attack groups. One group was heading on the right (the top of the picture) and was trying to rush across the creek and to the hedges. The other was rushing across to the south, and trying to get to the opening at the hedge. They were leaving their three archers at the edge of the river to harass the defenders.

Turn 2:
Humans roll a 2 and activate everyone. Orcs roll 3 and move first. The archers, who had reached the river open fire. Miraculously they manage to take 1 warrior OOF. Others cross the river.
Humans take up position along hedge and in the opening.

Turn 3:

Humans roll 4, orcs roll 5. Orcs move first, but archers (Who are not with the leaders) do not activate because their Quality is too low.

Orcs clear river and start to move on the walls. The humans unload with archers, and on the orcs right 1 orc OD, and 1 OOF.

Turn 4:

Orcs roll 2, Humans 6. Everyone activates.

Bad rolls for humans give now results for archers. Orcs on the other hand manage to take one of the human archers OOF.

Turn 5:
I rolled 3 ties on activation, but finally got a 4 for orcs and 3 for humans. The orc right rushed the hedge and made contact. On the left the orcs moved closer. The orc archers took another human warrior with an OD result, and th
e remaining human archer took an orc warrior OOF. Then melee ensued. In the end the humans held the hedge, and the orcs were pushed back with 1 warrior OD.

Turn 6:
This turn things were joined in earnest. Once more the orcs got priority, and all of them charged again. On the right all of the remaining orcs crashed into the humans. As they charged, the human archer got off a shot and dropped one orc OOF. Then the orc leader pushed a defender back and was able to cross the hedge, but 1 more orc was OD.

On the orc left, not all of the orcs were a
ble to make contact, and it was a bad day for the ones that did. Two were OD and the others pushed back.

Turn 7:
This was the big turn of the fight! Humans rolled a 3 while orcs rolled a 1. Orc archers didn't have any target
s as all of their infantry were now in the way.

Humans moved first, and on the right one man at arms and the archer charged Morg who was now on their side of the hedge. The other 2 warriors continued to hold the wall. After a brief fight, Morg fell in battle. One of the orcs failed his "Leader Lost" test, but the other 3 held.

On the right, the humans rushed the orcs. A bloody fight ensued which saw 2 orcs down and 2 human warriors also down.

On the orc turn, they reengaged
on the left, and Gorg struck Lord Borom, but couldn't take him out.

Turn 8:
This was the final straw. Humans activated first with a 4, and orcs second with a 2. The human archer struck down one of the orcs who were trying to reach Morg's body. When the other 2 saw this, they broke.

On the left the orcs were cut down till all that was left was Gorg and two others. (I made them check morale and all stayed!).

However, when the final orcs moved back in, they got vengeance, dropping 2 warriors and 1 man at arms!

On the right, the last orcs could not charge and fell back.

Turn 9:
The end! The orcs rolled initiative first with every body activating. Gorg and his last three
companions charged. Lord Borom and his last soldier, however Borom was tougher than they thought, and two orcs went OOF. Gorg choose to stay and finish the fight.

At the same time, the orc archers fired upon the other defenders, and the last human archer got fed up with this and fired, dropping one orc. The others decided it was time to leave.

In the last fight of the day, Borom and his companion attacked Gorg, and butchered him, and thus the orc raid met with failure!


  1. Nice battle report. This shows how activation and reaction rolls lead to different results for a force that stands together with their best leader vs a force that divides into groups and leaves some lowly archers on their own.

    By the way, WH:AA is Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures. Armies of Arcana is a different rule set.

  2. Oops, I knew that, but had a brain melt down. Thanks, I have fixed that!