Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Save the Village using Showdown for Savage Worlds

Showdown is a skirmish system for Savage Worlds by Pinnacle Entertainment -link- I can't find the Showdown rules on their site now, but they used to be free.

I replayed the previous scenario using these rules and had problems from the start. To begin with, the rules don't have any example stats, so I had to make my own up, and I didn't do it well. I set either my attack dice too low, or my parry stat too high, because for the most part, the only way to hit was with a high roll. In this game, if you roll the highest number on any die, you get to roll that die again and add to the roll. This can continue until you roll anything other than the high number.

So, what happened was that the orcs closed to the hedges while suffering two casualties. The humans suffered none from the orcs bow fire. Then at the wall, the regular troops just bashed away on each other only causing an occasional casualty. The leaders had a little bit better luck because they had higher skills. I didn't finish the fight, because I knew that it was broken.

I will look through the Savage Worlds site and find some more info. I may modify my stats and run the fight again, because there are a couple of concepts that I like in the game, but at this point I am not too impressed.

My next try will be with ARES by MJ 12 games -link-

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