Friday, April 2, 2010

More 15mm Comparisons - Splintered Light, Chariot Miniatures, and Legio Heroica

As I continue to look for the perfect figures for my games, I continue to add more figs to my collection.  Today, I am going to show some comparisons of Legio Heroica's crusade range, Splintered Light's Dark Dwarves, and Chariot Miniatures Dwarves.

Splintered Light
Splintered Light Miniatures has a great range of figures, and is quickly becoming my favorite company for fantasy figs.  I just wish that they could somehow get hold of the old Demonworld figs!    Splintered Light has two range of dwarves, the Dark Dwarves and the Splintered Lands Dwarves.  The Splintered Land dwarves are incredible, and I bought some last year, only to find out that they were HUGE, so in a previous review, I placed some pictures of the dwarves, and David McBride of Splintered Light read my review, and offered to send some samples of the Dark Dwarves.  I was expecting 1 or 2 figs, but he sent me 8 of the little fellows!  The dwarves are well sculpted, and have pretty good details for their size.  Some of the designs are not to my taste for dwarves, but they are all well done.  In this picture are 2 dwarves with a Splintered Light Goblin, a Demonworld Elf, and an Old Glory Byzantine trooper. 

Chariot Miniatures (Magister Militum)
The next range that I have is from Chariot Miniatures.  I bought mine from Magister Militum in the UK, and shipping to the US was reasonable and very quick.  I ordered some dwarves and some halflings.  The first thing to look at are the dwarves.  I bought pack "SBB05 Swords, Axes, halberd".  This pack had 3 different dwarves.  One with and axe, one with a sword, and one with a halberd.  The sculpting is fairly good, but I would like to have more variants.  These dwarves are the smallest of all of the dwarves I have, and I may use them as gnomes.

I also bought 2 packs of halflings.  One pack of swords, and one pack of archers.  The Swords had three variants, and the bows had 2 variants.  These are more of a cartoon quality, like the chubby hobbits described in "The Hobbit".  The sculpting was well done, and the figs look pretty nice.

All of my Dwarves!
The figs in the pic are:  Splintered Light - Splintered Lands Dwarf, Blood Axe, Black Raven Foundry, Can't remember who this is - I think it is Irregular or Tin Soldier, Essex, Chariot, Splintered Light - Dark Dwarf, Mighty Armies, Peter Pig, and Tabletop (

Legio Heroica
Legio Heroica is a historical manufacturer that has a pretty good range from the Feudal period and the crusades.   On their site the figs look great, so I had to have some!  I use a lot of Old Glory 15s for my human armies, but the quality can be a little off at times.  Some of their ranges are great, and others are just ok.  I ordered a sample pack of the Legio Heroica Muslim army range because I want to use them for Haradrim in Lord of The Rings.  I got 3 infantry, and archer and 2 mounted figs.  The casting quality is great, and they scale perfectly with my Old Glory figs.  They are almost identical in scale and style.  The horses also are almost a perfect match, however, to my taste, the Old Glory horses are actually a nicer sculpt.  The anatomy of the Legio Heroica is just a little off, and the faces of the horses look odd.

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