Thursday, May 6, 2010

Working on 15mm ACW VSF

I love the idea of Victorian Science Fiction, and the thought of merging that with the American Civil War is awesome, so I have started to work on this project.

I have the game G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. which is a very good, but still simple set of rules, so now I am working on figs.  I already have some ACW soldiers that I am individually basing, so I wanted to add in some more Sci-Fi elements.

This is my first items on the list.  They are the Steam Driven Impervious Suits from Eureka Miniatures.  Eureka Miniatures.  These figs are made for 25mm, but with a little work, they can become walkers for 15mm.

I have taken some 15mm soldiers and cut them down to fit in the "head" area where they can see out to "drive" the walker.  I have a few more walkers that I am working on, and can't wait for my first battle!

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  1. Be very careful. VSF is addictive. Look at my blog if you don't believe me:

    I have multiple projects ongoing, in three scales.

    Enjoy! And nice work on the walkers!