Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Toys!

VSF Add ons
I just bought some new 15mm VSF stuff from Black Hat Miniatures Martian Empires .  I bought 2 Steam Walkers, 1 Light Tank with Wheels, and some Martian Miniatures.

The walkers and tank were cast in resin with some metal parts.  The resin castings were all flawless!  Some of the best and most detailed resin vehicles that I have ever had!.  The metal parts were mostly good, but I was missing the gatling gun with the tank, and one of the legs on a walker had a slight miscast with the chain.  Still they were very well detailed with very little flash.

I have painted up one of the walkers, and am pretty satisfied with it.  The picture isn't great because I couldn't get the lighting right.  When I get the tank fixed, I will post another picture with a ruler and some figs for comparison.

The miniatures were nice, but not as detailed as some others that I have seen.  They are marketed as 18mm, but they are smaller than most of the 15mm figs that I have.  I will post some comparisons later.

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